Organic Farming

Organic Farming Vermicompost - An Essential For Soil Fertility

Organic farming has become the need of the hour. Globally, sustainable lifestyles are gaining immense popularity in an attempt to save the planet. As a result, organic farming is gaining immense popularity each year. Even its market size is booming as people flock toward organic farming.
Soil health degradation is occurring worldwide at an astonishing pace due to the excessive use of hazardous, outdated fertilisers. If we wish to save the soil that’s the source of all our food, we need to shift towards organic/ natural farming practices.
Furthermore, it’s extremely important to be conscious of all your organic farming inputs and practices if you hope to get organic certification for your produce. If you are looking for an authentic certified organic farming fertiliser, read on to find out how our vermicompost might be the product you were looking for.

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Go Organic With Shrestha Bio Organics Vermicompost

Shrestha Bio Organics is an Indian company in operation for decades, producing safe, eco-friendly, and value-for-money agricultural products. As a company that manufactures the National Award-winning vermicompost, we strive to supply safe fertilizers and work towards saving the soil.
For organic farming, Shrestha Bio Organics offer Certified Organic fertilizer and perfect solutions to keep your soil healthy. Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider ordering from Shrestha Bio Organics:

Our vermicompost fertilizer can provide you with:

  • Vermicompost is made from cow dung and green leaves with the help of special enzymes and microorganisms
  • 100% Organic
  • Export Quality Products
  • Made Using Zero Chemicals
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Use
  • SGS Certified Products
  • Batch Tested Fertilizers
  • On-time Delivery
  • Capable of Supply Bulk Orders

Why Vermicomposting in Organic/ Natural Farming?

Vermicompost trumps traditional composting methods in several ways. It improves soil fertility in all kinds of ways: physically, chemically, and biologically. Here are a few reasons why you should consider vermicomposting.

  • Nutrient Profile: Many researchers worldwide found that the nutrient profile in vermicompost is generally higher than the traditional compost.
  • Higher Levels of Beneficial Microorganisms: During conventional composting, many beneficial microbes and nutrients are lost. Vermicompost maybe 1000 times more microbially active than conventional compost.
  • Soil Condition: Vermicomposting makes the soil highly porous, increases its water-holding capacity, improves chemical properties like pH and electrical conductivity, and binds nutrients both in the bodies of microbes and through their actions.
  • Vermicompost contains natural bacteria that can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and make it available to plants.
  • It can also help attract beneficial insects that can help in controlling pests.
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Know About Natural Earthworms — the Ecosystem Engineers

Earthworms have been residing on Earth for millions of years. The ancient civilisations held them in high regard, and even the Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra considered them sacred. They are nature’s way of recycling organic nutrients from dead tissues back to living organisms. Earthworms are at the core of the organic farming theme.
In healthy soil, there are nearly ten thousand natural earthworms in one acre of land & a single earthworm passes several hundred tons of soil through its digestive tract while creating tunnels inside the earth which eventually provide plants excess nutrients and speed up the absorption of air and water. This also reduces soil erosion.
While putting vermicompost regularly into your soils, you increase the natural earthworm population year on year, which is a win-win for your soils as well as for the natural crops you are growing.
Shop for Shrestha Bio Organics vermicompost to revive the population of your soil earthworms, the overall quality of your soil and ensure a longer, healthier life for your plants.
If you are a conscious farmer or gardener of any type and want more information about organic or natural farming with vermicompost, get in touch with Shrestha Bio Organics. Our team would be happy to help you!