Shrestha Bio-Kavach Platinum

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Shrestha Bio-Kavach Platinum

Shrestha Bio-Kavach Platinum

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  • MOQ: 1 PIECE

BIO-KAVACH PLATINUM consists of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) are microorganisms that can solubilize inorganic phosphorus (P) from insoluble forms present in soil minerals or organic matter, making it available for plant uptake. These bacteria play a crucial role in enhancing phosphorus availability in soil, which is essential for various metabolic processes in plants, including energy transfer, photosynthesis, and nucleic acid synthesis.
PSB secrete organic acids, phosphatases, and other compounds that help in the solubilization of insoluble phosphates. By releasing phosphorus into a soluble form, PSB make it easier for plants to absorb and utilize this essential nutrient. As a result, PSB contribute to improved plant growth, yield, and overall soil fertility. phosphate solubilizing bacteria include species of Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, and some mycorrhizal fungi. These microorganisms can be applied as biofertilizers to enhance phosphorus availability and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

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Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria(PSB)

Total viable count of all the biological organism min CFU 6×10″ cells per ml.

Directions for use

  • Method of Applications: DRIP/SPRAY
  • DRIP: 1 litre to cover 1 acre through drip.
  • SPRAY: 2.5 ml per 1 litre of water. Direct the nozzle towards the roots, stem, bottom, and top of the leaves and around the plants.
  • Directions for use: To be sprayed once in 2 weeks along with Multiplus and Platinum.
  • Note: For optimum results, keep the soil moist.
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. Keep the product tightly sealed when not in use.

Keep out of children’s reach