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Abhishek Prabhu is a dynamic individual who has excelled in the corporate world and is now on a mission to make the world a better place with his organic fertilizer company; with a spiritual streak that guides him in all his endeavors. A hardcore media guy, Abhishek has always been fascinated by the power of communication. He has used this skill to climb the corporate ladder and make a name for himself in the industry. However, his heart has always been in farming. He believes that Indian soil is the purest and the best in the world, and he wants to harness that power to create the best organic fertilizer company in the world.


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Why choose us

Our goal is to offer the top vermi compost for organic gardening and agricultural methods. The tremendous advantages that organic farming and gardening techniques provide for the environment, human health, and animal welfare have led to their rising popularity in recent years.
Many individuals choose to cultivate and consume organic foods for the following reasons: advantages to the environment, health, Enhanced nutrition and flavor, sustainability, and animal welfare. To combat climate change, in our opinion, human transformation is essential. Protecting and enhancing soil health prevents environmental harm, stops the deterioration of natural resources, and assures food security worldwide.

Our Products

Soil enrichment

Compost is a valuable source of nutrients for plants. It improves soil structure, enhances water retention, and promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Waste reduction

Composting diverts organic waste from landfills, where it would otherwise decompose and produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.


Soil erosion prevention

Compost helps to prevent soil erosion by improving soil structure and increasing its ability to hold water. The organic matter in compost binds the soil particles together, making it more resistant to erosion caused by wind and water.

Reduced need for chemical fertilizers

Compost provides a natural and organic source of nutrients for plants, reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilizers.

What our customers are saying

Using vermicompost has completely transformed my gardening experience. The quality and vitality of my plants have skyrocketed since incorporating this amazing organic fertilizer into my routine.

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I have been using vermicompost in my garden for the past year, and I am blown away by the incredible results. My plants have never looked so healthy and vibrant. The vermicompost has transformed my soil into a rich, nutrient-dense powerhouse that supports robust growth and abundant blooms

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Words cannot express how thrilled I am with vermicompost. It has completely revolutionized my gardening journey. My plants have never been happier or more productive. The vermicompost has transformed my soil into a nutrient-rich haven, resulting in luscious, vibrant foliage and bountiful harvests.


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